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Association Dues
  • How much are the Association dues and when are they due?
    Savanna Ranch Community's association dues are $210 per year.   They are billed annually and statements are mailed in early December of each year and due by January 31st.
  • Where do I send payment?
    Please make you check payable to Savanna Ranch Community and mail to:
    Savanna Ranch Community
    PO BOX 96573
    Las Vegas, NV  89193-6573
    You can make payments online via e-check or credit card by clicking on the "Pay Dues Online" graphic (see graphic box on home page - fees may apply).

Association Rules
  • Are basketball goals allowed?
    No, the restrictions expressly prohibit all basketball goals.
  • Are there restrictions on parking?

    The streets in Savanna Ranch are public and while street parking is not prohibited, it is strongly discouraged.   Homeowners should utilize their garages and driveways for parking.   This helps keeps the street free of vehicles which increases safety and preserves the beauty of the community.
    Vehicles with expired registration and/or inspection stickers should be stored within enclosed garages only.  They must not be in view.
    Boats, jet skis, trailers, motor homes and other recreational vehicles may not be parked in the driveway or street.   If stored on property, these items must be concealed from view.
    Trucks with an excess tonnage of one and one-half (1.5 tons) and any commercial vehicle with painted advertisement are not permitted to park overnight on the property.
  • Can I install a satellite dish?
    Yes, however - per the Deed Restrictions the satellite dish cannot exceed one (1) meter in diameter and must be installed where it cannot be viewed from the street.  Please consult your dish installer for options.
  • What are the rules on trash containers, landscaping, and fences?

    Trash Cans & Recycle Bins - Must be stored out of view (i.e. in the garage or behind your wood privacy fence) except on trash pick up day (currently Monday). 
    Landscaping must be kept maintained - keep your lawn regularly mowed, edged, weeded and healthy.   Keep flower beds free of weeds.   Trim back dormant plantings and remove/replace dead plants as necessary.
    Fences - Fence height cannot exceed 8' and cannot be located nearer to any street than the front of the residence.  Behr Cedar Naturaltone dp-533 is the only officially approved fence stain color.  Any other stain color must be approved in advance by the Architectural Reviewer.
  • What are the rules about accessory buildings? (i.e. playhouse, gazebo, shed)
    Children’s playhouses, dog houses, greenhouses, gazebos, and buildings for storage of lawn maintenance equipment may only be installed in places which are not visible from any street on which the Lot fronts; must be of a maximum height of 8 feet (8’) and contain no more than 250 square feet.